The Mankato Kiwanis Aktion Club Theatre is collaborative Community Theatre for Self-Advocates and their Allies. The club focuses on: Social Justice issues related to disabilities, raising community awareness about issues people with disabilities face, embracing everyone’s abilities within the group, and sharing everyone’s gifts and talents. 

Bradley Coulter and I collaborated on this fun broadsheet for the Aktion Club's Beautiful Community poetry event at the Arts Center of Saint Peter. To make this broadsheet feel personal for each member of the club we hosted a sketching night where club members drew out their ideas about what a beautiful community meant. We used those sketches as direct inspiration for the illustrated and typographic forms within the poster. 

Bradley Coulter is responsible for the beautiful typography and custom ligatures.



Aktion Club Broadsheet

Aktion Club Drawing
Aktion Club Sketch
Aktion Club sketch

Sketches from various Mankato Aktion Club Members representing what a Beautiful Community means to them.